30-day LIBOR

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30-day LIBOR. The rate per annum equal to the British Bankers Association LIBOR Rate ('BBA LIBOR'), as published by Reuters (or other commercially available source providing quotations of BBA LIBOR as designated by the Calculation Agent (as defined below) from time to time) at approximately 11:00 a.m., (London time) two (2) Business Days prior to 30 days prior to the applicable Dividend Payment Date (the 'Calculation Period'), for deposits in U.S. dollars (for delivery on the first day of such Calculation... Period, or, if such day is not a Business Day, the first Business Day following such day) with a term equivalent to a 30-day interest period. If such rate is not available at such time for any reason, then '30-day LIBOR' shall be the rate per annum (rounded upwards, if necessary, to the nearest 1/100 of 1%) appearing on Reuters Screen LIBO Page as the London interbank offered rate for deposits in U.S. dollars at approximately 11:00 a.m. (London time) two Business Days prior to the first day of such Calculation Period for a term comparable to a 30-day interest period; provided, however, if more than one rate is specified on Reuters Screen LIBO Page, the applicable rate shall be the arithmetic mean of all such rates. View More
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