AAC Notional Federal Tax Amount

Example Definitions of "AAC Notional Federal Tax Amount"
AAC Notional Federal Tax Amount. Shall mean, with respect to any Taxable Period, the aggregate amount of the increase in the AAC Subgroup's Federal Tax liability that would have been owed and payable with respect to such Taxable Period (determined on a Separate Subsidiary Basis), disregarding any exclusion from gross income pursuant to Section 108(a) of the Code, to the extent that no portion of the (i) (A) Allocated AAC NOL Amount or (B) Post-Deconsolidation Allocated NOL Amount within the applicable NOL Usage Tier or Usage... Tiers, as the case may be, or (ii) AFGI NOL Amount, as the case may be, would have been available in connection with such determination with respect to such Taxable Period (after applying all applicable modifications provided in subparagraph 3(c)). View More
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