Account Schedule

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Account Schedule. Means a computer file or microfiche list or other list containing a true and complete list of Accounts, identified by account number (or by an alpha-numeric identifier that uniquely and objectively identifies the applicable account number pursuant to a protocol that has been provided to Buyer) and setting forth the receivables balance for each as of (i) the applicable Addition Cut-Off Date, in the case of an Account Schedule relating to Additional Accounts, (ii) the Removal Notice Date, in the... case of an Account Schedule relating to Removed Accounts (other than Removed Accounts that became Inactive Accounts) or (iii) the date specified therein, in the case of any other Account Schedule. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the initial Account Schedule does not set forth receivables balances, and any failure to set forth receivables balances in such a file or list shall not impair the file's or list's effectiveness as an Account Schedule. View More
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