Accrued Accounts

Example Definitions of "Accrued Accounts"
Accrued Accounts. (i) unpaid base salary, accrued but unused vacation and expense reimbursements due, which shall be paid promptly after Executive's Separation from Service, amounts due under any benefit or equity plan, grant or program, paid in accordance with the terms of such plan, grant or program, and any unpaid bonus for any prior completed fiscal year paid when the bonus would otherwise be paid for such prior fiscal year (which, for the avoidance of doubt, shall not be paid in duplication of the same or... any similar obligations under any other arrangement) and (iv) to the extent that a Qualifying Termination occurs within the last six calendar months of a given fiscal year, a pro rata bonus that would otherwise be payable under the Company's Annual Incentive Plan for such fiscal year based on actual results from the fiscal year, multiplied by the ratio of the number of days employed during such fiscal year to the number of days in the year, and paid when bonuses are otherwise paid under the Annual Incentive Plan for such fiscal year (but in no event later than April 15 following the end of such fiscal year). View More
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