Acquisition Fee

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Acquisition Fee. Any and all fees and commissions, exclusive of Acquisition Expenses, paid by any Person to any other Person (including any fees or commissions paid by or to any Affiliate of the Company or the Advisor) in connection with purchase, development or construction of any Property. Included in the computation of such fees or commissions shall be any real estate commissions, acquisition fees, finder's fees, selection fees, development fees, construction fees, nonrecurring management fees, loan fees,... points, or any other fees or commissions of a similar nature. Excluded shall be development fees and construction fees paid to Persons not Affiliated with the Advisor in connection with the actual development and construction of a Property. View More
Acquisition Fee. The Acquisition Fee payable to the Advisor or its Affiliates as set forth in Section 8(b).
Acquisition Fee. The Acquisition Fee as defined under the Advisory Agreement.
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