Acquisition Price

Example Definitions of "Acquisition Price"
Acquisition Price. The fair market value of the securities, cash or other property, or any combination thereof, receivable upon consummation of a Company Transaction in respect of a share of Common Stock.
Acquisition Price. In relation to an Option, the total amount payable on any exercise being an amount equal to the relevant Share Price multiplied by the number of Shares in respect of which the Option is exercised;
Acquisition Price. The term "Acquisition Price" with respect to Restricted Stock shall mean such amount, if any, required by applicable law and as may be specified by the Committee in the Award Instrument with respect to that Restricted Stock as the consideration to be paid by the Employee for that Restricted Stock.
Acquisition Price. The cash payment for each share surrendered in a Reorganization Event
Acquisition Price. Means, with respect to a given Add-On Acquisition, the fair value (as jointly determined by New Parent, the Company and Linden) of the total sale proceeds and other consideration paid or to be paid to the target company and its equityholders (or otherwise paid on their behalf, including, without limitation, transaction related expenses) upon consummation of such Add-On Acquisition, including cash, securities, notes, consulting agreement payments, noncompete agreement payments, contingent... payments (including earnouts) and escrow amounts, plus the fair value of all liabilities assumed and all funded debt refinanced or paid off. View More
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