Actual Deferral Percentage

Example Definitions of "Actual Deferral Percentage"
Actual Deferral Percentage. Means the ratio, expressed as a percentage calculated to the nearest one-hundredth of one percent, of the amount of Pre-Tax Savings on behalf of an Eligible Employee for a Plan Year to the Eligible Employee's Compensation for the Plan Year, whether or not the employee was a Participant for the entire Plan Year. A Highly Compensated Employee's Savings include such savings for the Plan Year which is in excess of the limitations set forth in Section 415(c) (1) of the Code ("Excess Pre-Tax... Savings"), but exclude Excess Pre-Tax Savings for Non Highly Compensated Employees. Any Eligible Employee who does not elect to make Pre-Tax Savings and who does not receive Qualified Matching Contributions for a Plan Year will have zero Actual Deferral Percentage for the Plan Year. View More
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