Actual Internal EBITDA

Example Definitions of "Actual Internal EBITDA"
Actual Internal EBITDA. Means, with respect to a calendar year, the Company's actual earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization for such year, determined based on the Company's audited financials. Actual Internal EBITDA shall also exclude (i) out of pocket expenses of the Investor that are reimbursed by the Company, (ii) non-cash gains or losses on dispositions of assets by the Company, (iii) gains or losses on interest rate swap agreements, (iv) costs directly associated with refinancing the... Company's indebtedness or with any cash equity financing, and (v) non-cash compensation charges related to the Company's compensation plans. Actual Internal EBITDA shall not be reduced by costs of the acquisition of the former CRC Health Group, Inc. by the Company, management and transaction fees payable to the Investors or their Affiliates, or non-cash equity incentive expenses. Actual Internal EBITDA shall be calculated without giving effect to purchase accounting for the acquisition of the former CRC Health Group, Inc. by the Company. For the avoidance of doubt, year 2006 shall include Actual Internal EBITDA accrued during all of calendar year 2006 attributable to all businesses owned by the Company and in operation as of January 1, 2006. View More
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