Additional Borrower Obligations

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Additional Borrower Obligations. The collective reference to the unpaid principal of and interest on the Loans made to the Additional Borrower and all other financial liabilities of the Additional Borrower to the Administrative Agent or any Lender (including, without limitation, interest accruing after the maturity or earlier acceleration of the Loans to the Additional Borrower and interest accruing at the then-applicable rate provided in the Credit Agreement after the filing 2 of any petition in bankruptcy, or the... commencement of any insolvency, reorganization or like proceeding, relating to the Additional Borrower, whether or not a claim for post-filing or post petition interest is allowed in such proceeding), whether direct or indirect, absolute or contingent, due or become due, now existing or hereafter incurred, which may arise under, out of, or in connection with, the Credit Agreement, the Loans made to the Additional Borrower, or any other document made, delivered or given in connection therewith, in each case whether on account of principal, interest, indemnities, cost, expenses (including, without limitation, all fees and disbursements of counsel to the Administrative Agent or any Lender) or otherwise. View More
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