Additional Call Right Consideration

Example Definitions of "Additional Call Right Consideration"
Additional Call Right Consideration. Means an amount equal to (a) the amount by which the aggregate Subscription Revenue of Target and its Subsidiaries (or, in the event of any restructuring of Target and its Subsidiaries, the business which would have been conducted by Target and its Subsidiaries but for such restructuring) for the most recent four consecutive fiscal quarters for which results are available as of the delivery of the applicable Call Notice exceeds the projected Subscription Revenue for such period set forth on... Exhibit C attached hereto (it being understood that if such four consecutive fiscal quarter period does not end on a fiscal year end, any projected Subscription Revenue set forth on Exhibit C attached hereto that is provided only on an annual basis shall be prorated (i.e., including a corresponding portion of each of the annual periods included in such four consecutive fiscal quarter period)) multiplied by (b) four and divided by (c) 700,000,000. View More
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