Additional Common Units

Example Definitions of "Additional Common Units"
Additional Common Units. All Common Units issued (or, pursuant to Section 8(e), Section 8(h) or Section 8(i), deemed to be issued) by the Company after the Original Issue Date, other than (i) Common Units issued (A) pursuant to any bona fide acquisition of assets or operating business by the Company or any bona fide merger or business combination involving the acquisition by the Company of assets or operating business which has been approved by its Board of Directors; provided that any such transaction is at... arms-length terms, (B) in connection with any pro rata distribution or split of Common Units in respect of which adjustment has been made pursuant to Section 8(g), (C) to financial institutions or commercial lenders in connection with commercial credit arrangements, equipment financings or similar transactions, or (D) for commercial reasons and not capital-raising reasons, to potential or existing trade partners or service providers providing trade enabling services; provided that the aggregate Fair Market Value, in each case as determined at the time of issuance, of all Common Units issued pursuant to clauses (C) and (D) hereof may not exceed $15 million; (ii) up to30,000 Common Units (including any such Common Units which are repurchased) issued pursuant to the Company's equity incentive plans; and (iii) Common Units issued in connection with any event for which adjustment is made pursuant to Section 8(h) hereof. View More
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