Additional Licensees

Example Definitions of "Additional Licensees"
Additional Licensees. Each Additional LSC Sub and any other Person who has obtained a sublicense to the Meiji Licensed Technology directly from LSC for use outside the Field of Use and who has a right similar to that of LSO to participate in the enforcement of the Meiji Patents. A Person shall not be deemed to be an Additional Licensee with respect to a particular Meiji Patent if the Person (including an Additional LSC Sub) does not have an exclusive sublicense to the particular Meiji Patent or rights with respect... to the enforcement of the particular Meiji Patent that are similar to LSO's rights set forth in Section 5. For example, a Person who did not sublicense a particular patent (or subsequently had the patent removed from the definition of "Meiji Patents" that it was sublicensing) would not be an "Additional Licensee" for purposes of the notices and other rights and activities described in Section 5 for "Additional Licensees" with respect to the patent. View More
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