Additional Property

Example Definitions of "Additional Property"
Additional Property. Any of the following property which Debtor becomes entitled to receive or shall receive in connection with any other Collateral, except to the extent any of the following constitutes Excludcd Assets: (a) any stock certificate, including without limitation, any certificate representing a stock dividend or any certificate in connection with any recapitalization, reclassification, merger, consolidation, conversion, sale of assets, combination of shares, stock split or spin-off; (b) any option,... warrant, subscription or right, whether as an addition to or in substitution of any other Collateral; (c) any dividends or distributions of any kind whatsoever, whether distributable in cash, stock or other property; (d) any interest, premium or principal payments; and (e) any conversion or redemption proceeds; provided, however, that until the occurrence of an Event of Default, "Additional Property" shall not include any cash dividends or interest paid on the Collateral (except interest paid on any certificate of deposit pledged hereunder) View More
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