Additional Services

Example Definitions of "Additional Services"
Additional Services. Services such as, design for manufacturability, manufacturing design test support, computer assisted design for manufacturability, test development services, volume production and advanced packaging technologies all as specified and approved by Company and agreed to by Jabil.
Additional Services. Any services, products or resources outside the scope of the Accounts Payable Services, Business Advisory Services, Financial Planning Services, General Ledger and Financial Reporting Services, Payroll/Benefits Services, Tax Compliance Services, and/or any services, products or resources within the scope of such aforesaid services, but which exceed those (in amount and/or frequency) necessary to satisfy the commercially reasonable requirements of the Business as set forth in this Agreement by... reason of NUVOLA, from time to time during the Term of this Agreement, expanding the Business through acquisition, or otherwise, in any case which services, products, or resources are provided hereunder pursuant to Section 2.3 hereof. View More
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