Additional Space

Example Definitions of "Additional Space"
Additional Space. Means a portion of the Building, containing approximately 2,804.30 usable square feet of area, and more particularly shown on Exhibit "A-1" attached hereto. As shown on Exhibit "A-1," the Additional Space is comprised of (a) storage space (the "Storage Space") containing approximately 846.96 usable square feet, (b) a bike room (the "Bike Room") containing approximately 354.66 usable square feet, (c) a server room (the "Server Room"), and (d) a shower room (the "Shower Room"). The Server Room... and the Shower Room contain approximately 1,602.68 usable square feet in the aggregate. Notwithstanding the foregoing, in no event will the Server Room (other than racks and cabling) or the Shower Room constitute "Non-Standard Improvements" as defined in Section 1.1 of the Original Lease. View More
Additional Space. Means the additional space being added to the Lease by this Amendment, described as the balance of the space on the first floor of the Building, consisting of approximately 12,492 usable square feet and approximately 14,697 rentable square feet, as shown on the attached Exhibit A.1.
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