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Additional Terms, Conditions and Agreements. (a) You Must Satisfy Applicable Tax Withholding Requirements. Removal of the Transfer Restrictions is conditioned on your satisfaction of any applicable withholding taxes in accordance with Section 3.2 of the Plan, which includes the Firm deducting or withholding amounts from any payment or distribution to you. In addition, to the extent permitted by applicable law, the Firm, in its sole discretion, may require you to provide amounts equal to all or a portion of any Federal, state, local,... foreign or other tax obligations imposed on you or the Firm in connection with the grant of this Award by requiring you to choose between remitting the amount (i) in cash (or through payroll deduction or otherwise), (ii) in the form of proceeds from the Firm's executing a sale of shares of Common Stock delivered to you under this Award or (iii) shares of Common Stock delivered to you pursuant to this Award. (b) Firm May Deliver Cash or Other Property Instead of Shares. In accordance with Section 1.3.2(i) of the Plan, in the sole discretion of the Committee, in lieu of all or any portion of the shares of Common Stock, the Firm may deliver cash, other securities, other awards under the Plan or other property, and all references in this Award Agreement to deliveries of shares of Common Stock will include such deliveries of cash, other securities, other awards under the Plan or other property. (c) Amounts May Be Rounded to Avoid Fractional Shares. Restricted Shares subject to Transfer Restrictions may, in each case, be rounded to avoid fractional shares of Common Stock. (d) You May Be Required to Become a Party to the Shareholders' Agreement. Your rights to your Fixed Allowance Restricted Shares are conditioned on your becoming a party to any shareholders' agreement to which other similarly situated employees (e.g., employees with a similar title or position) of the Firm are required to be a party. (e) Firm May Affix Legends and Place Stop Orders on Restricted Shares. GS Inc. may affix to Certificates representing shares of Common Stock any legend that the Committee determines to be necessary or advisable (including to reflect any restrictions to which you may be subject under a separate agreement). GS Inc. may advise the transfer agent to place a stop order against any legended shares of Common Stock. (f) You Agree to Certain Consents, Terms and Conditions. By accepting this Award you understand and agree that: (i) You Agree to Certain Consents as a Condition to the Award. You have expressly consented to all of the items listed in Section 3.3.3(d) of the Plan, including the Firm's supplying to any third-party recordkeeper of the Plan or other person such personal information of yours as the Committee deems advisable to administer the Plan, and you agree to provide any additional consents that the Committee determines to be necessary or advisable; (ii) You Are Subject to the Firm's Policies, Rules and Procedures. You are subject to the Firm's policies in effect from time to time concerning trading in shares of Common Stock and hedging or pledging shares of Common Stock and equity-based compensation or other awards (including, without limitation, the "Firmwide Policy with Respect to Personal Transactions Involving GS Securities and GS Equity Awards" or any successor policies), and confidential or proprietary information, and you will effect sales of shares of Common Stock in accordance with such rules and procedures as may be adopted from time to time (which may include, without limitation, restrictions relating to the timing of sale requests, the manner in which sales are executed, pricing method, consolidation or aggregation of orders and volume limits determined by the Firm); (iii) You Are Responsible for Costs Associated with Your Award. You will be responsible for all brokerage costs and other fees or expenses associated with your Fixed Allowance Restricted Shares, including those related to the sale of shares of Common Stock; (iv) You Will Be Deemed to Represent Your Compliance with All the Terms of Your Award if You Sell Shares. You will be deemed to have represented and certified that you have complied with all of the terms of the Plan and this Award Agreement when you request the sale of shares of Common Stock following the release of Transfer Restrictions; (v) Firm May Deliver Your Award into an Escrow Account. The Firm may establish and maintain an escrow account on such terms (which may include your executing any documents related to, and your paying for any costs associated with, such account) as it may deem necessary or appropriate, and the delivery of shares of Common Stock (including Restricted Shares) or the payment of cash (including dividends) or other property may initially be made into and held in that escrow account until such time as the Committee has received such documentation as it may have requested or until the Committee has determined that any other conditions or restrictions on delivery of shares of Common Stock, cash or other property required by this Award Agreement have been satisfied; (vi) You Must Comply with Applicable Deadlines and Procedures to Appeal Determinations Made by the Committee, the SIP Committee or SIP Administrators. If you disagree with a determination made by the Committee, the SIP Committee, the SIP Administrators, or any of their delegates or designees and you wish to appeal such determination, you must submit a written request to the SIP Committee for review within 180 days after the determination at issue. You must exhaust your internal administrative remedies (i.e., submit your appeal and wait for resolution of that appeal) before seeking to resolve a dispute through arbitration pursuant to Paragraph 12 and Section 3.17 of the Plan; and (vii) You Agree that Covered Persons Will Not Have Liability. In addition to and without limiting the generality of the provisions of Section 1.3.5 of the Plan, neither the Firm nor any Covered Person will have any liability to you or any other person for any action taken or omitted in respect of this or any other Award. View More
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