Additional Trigger Event

Example Definitions of "Additional Trigger Event"
Additional Trigger Event. If at any time the ratio of the Corporation's aggregate Indebtedness (which shall include with respect to the Preferred Stock the aggregate Deemed Original Issue Price of the outstanding shares of Preferred Stock) to its trailing twelve month Adjusted EBITDA exceeds 7.7x, as of the last day of the most recent fiscal quarter ended on or prior to the date of determination for which quarterly or annual financial statements are available, such Adjusted EBITDA to be determined to give pro forma... effect to transactions completed during such fiscal quarter, as though they had occurred on the first day of such fiscal quarter, provided, that no pro forma effect shall be given to any acquisition transactions that occur during such fiscal quarter unless the holders of the Preferred Stock have been provided a quality of earnings report from a financial advisor of national standing reasonably satisfactory to holders of a majority of such Preferred Stock, to the extent that giving pro forma effect to such transaction would result in an increase in Adjusted EBITDA of five percent (5%) or more. View More
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