Adjusted Diluted EPS

Example Definitions of "Adjusted Diluted EPS"
Adjusted Diluted EPS. The Company's non-GAAP adjusted diluted earnings per share for each applicable period, calculated in accordance with Company practice on a consistent basis and as reported in Form 10-Q or 10-K, as applicable.
Adjusted Diluted EPS. Means, with respect to each fiscal year during the Performance Period, Earnings Per Share, as adjusted to reflect the same adjustments as are made to Adjusted Net Income with respect to such fiscal year (as reported with respect to the relevant fiscal year in the Company's financial statements), divided by the weighted-average Shares outstanding as of the end of the relevant fiscal year, calculated on a diluted basis and reported in the Company's financial statements in accordance with GAAP.... The performance goal for Adjusted Diluted EPS shall be subject to adjustment upon the occurrence of certain corporate events in accordance with Section 7(e) and Section 10(c) of the Plan and Section 6 of this Exhibit A and may be subject to such other adjustments for material or non-recurring events occurring during the relevant fiscal year as determined by the Committee in its sole discretion. View More
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