Adjusted NOPAT

Example Definitions of "Adjusted NOPAT"
Adjusted NOPAT. Adjusted net operating profit after tax calculated in a manner generally consistent with the calculation in use as of the date of this Award for "adjusted net income attributable to Hillenbrand" as externally reported by the Company (or such substantially similar metric as is otherwise defined by the Company), adjusted for the following items (net of tax where applicable): (i) Income attributable to non-controlling interests, which shall be included; (ii) Interest... income, losses, or impairments on corporate investments and interest expense on corporate debt, which shall be excluded; (iii) Changes in tax law or regulation or accounting pronouncements in United States GAAP or applicable international standards that cause an inconsistency in computation as originally designed, which shall be excluded; (iv) The effect of acquisitions during the Measurement Period, which shall be excluded for the duration of the Measurement Period; and (v) Other items to be included or excluded as approved by the Compensation and Management Development Committee of the Board of Directors. View More
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