Adjusted Principal Payments

Example Definitions of "Adjusted Principal Payments"
Adjusted Principal Payments. With respect to each Release Loan, a calculated regular monthly payment of principal and interest determined by Lender based upon (a) the outstanding principal balance of the Release Loan as of the date of the determination; (b) the interest rate applicable to the Release Loan as of the date of determination and (c) the remainder of the original amortization period applicable to the Release Loan. For avoidance of doubt, (i) any such calculated reamortization shall be made consistent with the... original amortization schedule of the applicable Release Loan and shall not require that such calculation be based on the full amortization of such Loan over the remaining term and (ii) the foregoing calculation of the Adjusted Principal Payments is solely for the purpose of calculating the regular payments of principal and interest due on Release Loans in connection with the fixed charge coverage ratios pursuant to Sections 4(d) and 4(e) in order to reflect the effect of prepayments that would not otherwise result in a reamortization and shall not result in a change or reamortization of any payments actually due with respect to any Loan. View More
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