Administrative Costs

Example Definitions of "Administrative Costs"
Administrative Costs. All costs associated with the implementation and administration of the notice, allocation and claims processes contemplated by this SA, including without limitation, court approved compensation and costs of special masters, and/or Claims Administrator, including but not limited to its vendors, experts and legal counsel, if any, costs of the Notice Program(s), costs of implementing and administering the New Class claims process, costs of establishing the Settlement Fund, costs of distributing... Settlement Benefits, costs associated with the establishment and operation of the Settlement Fund, including but not limited to the trustee, any directed trustee, and any paying agent, and including all Taxes on monies held in the Settlement Fund, and all other costs and compensation associated with the implementation and administration of this SA. Administrative Costs do not include costs Transocean incurs to analyze New Class Opt Out forms. View More
Administrative Costs. All ordinary and necessary expenses and other incidental expenses of the Fund incurred in connection with the operation of the Fund, as provided by Applicable Laws, including without limitation, federal, state and local income tax, legal expenses, accounting expenses, actuarial expenses and trustee expenses
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