Example Definitions of "Advance"
Advance. Means the advance of an item of Financed Inventory.
Advance. Means the advance financing of an item of Financed Inventory.
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Advance. Means a Revolving Advance, the Term Advance, an Equipment Advance, and an Equipment Advance A.
Advance. A borrowing requested by Borrower and made by Bank under the Agreement, including any refunding of an outstanding Advance as the same type of Advance or the conversion of any such outstanding Advance to another type of Advance, and shall include a LIBOR-based Advance and a Prime-based Advance.
Advance. Is a loan advance (or advances) under the Committed Revolving Line.
Advance. The term "Advances" when used collectively, and "Advance" when used individually, refers to the advances made under the Revolving Facility.
Advance. Means funds credited by the IPA to or on behalf of the Issuer for the purpose of either crediting Proceeds to the Note Account or remitting payment on Notes at their maturity.
Advance. Shall have the meaning assigned to such term in the Participation Agreement or the Participation Interest Purchase and Sale Agreement (as the case may be).
Advance. An advance or advances under the Line of Credit , the Term Loan, the Equipment Term Loan, the Capex Term Loan, the 2012 Real Estate Term Loan or the 2014 Capex Term Loan
Advance. Any advance made or to be made by (or on behalf of) a Class A-R Noteholder to the Issuer in respect of any Borrowing.
Advance. The meanings as defined in the introductory paragraph
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