Adverse Change in the Plan

Example Definitions of "Adverse Change in the Plan"
Adverse Change in the Plan. The occurrence of any of the following events: (i) termination of the Plan; (ii) amendment of the Plan that materially diminishes the value of Awards that may be granted under the Plan, either to individual Participants or in the aggregate, unless there is substituted concurrently a plan or arrangement providing for the grant of long-term incentive awards of comparable value to individual Participants in the Plan or in the aggregate, as the case may be; or (iii) in respect of any holder of an... Award, a material diminution in his rights held under an Award (except as may occur under the terms of the Award as originally granted) unless there is substituted concurrently a long-term incentive award with a value at least comparable to the loss in value attributable to such diminution in rights. View More
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