Affiliated Persons

Example Definitions of "Affiliated Persons"
Affiliated Persons. Means, with respect to any Person and La-Z-Boy, its employees, licensees, retailers, resellers, consignees, vendees, wholesalers, distributors, customers, contractors, consultants, service or technology partners, end-users, and manufacturers. For purposes of this definition of Affiliated Persons, La-Z-Boy shall be defined to include every subsidiary and affiliated company to La-Z-Boy listed on Exhibit 21 of its most recent 10-K filing on June 20, 2017, and every Person who is an Affiliated... Person to any subsidiary and affiliated company so listed. View More
Affiliated Persons. With respect to any Party, such Party's affiliates, directors, officers, members, economic interest holders, managers, partners, shareholders, attorneys, advisors, agents and representatives, as applicable
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