Aggregate Distributions and Payments

Example Definitions of "Aggregate Distributions and Payments"
Aggregate Distributions and Payments. (i) all distribution and payments (other than distributions or payments made to defray such a holder's income tax liabilities) made by the Company to which the holders of Class B Units (as a group) are entitled, including but not limited to distributions made by the Company on account of the sale or other disposition of substantially all of the assets of Company and its subsidiaries taken as a whole plus (ii) all payments made by third parties to which such holders (as a group) are entitled on... account of the sale or other disposition (by way of merger, share exchange, or otherwise) of substantially all of the Class B Units then outstanding, in each ease after the Effective Date. "Distributions" and "payments" shall include not only cash distributions and payments but also distributions and payments made in securities or other property, which shall be valued as reasonably determined by the Board of Directors of Company. View More
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