Aggregate Purchase Price

Example Definitions of "Aggregate Purchase Price"
Aggregate Purchase Price. The aggregate price paid to purchase such securities from the Company, which shall initially be $1.75 per Registrable Common Share or Other Registrable Common Share (subject to adjustment to reflect any stock splits, combinations, dividends or the like) and, upon issuance pursuant to the Subscription Warrants or Other Warrants, $3.00 per Registrable Warrant Share or Other Registrable Warrant Share (subject to adjustment pursuant to the antidilution provisions of the relevant warrants and to... further adjustment to reflect any stock splits, combinations, dividends or the like that occur after issuance of such Registrable Warrant Shares or Other Registrable Warrant Shares) View More
Aggregate Purchase Price. An amount equal to the product obtained by multiplying (x) the Purchase Price times (y) the number of shares of Common Stock for which this Warrant may be exercised at such time, determined without regard to any limitations on exercise of this Warrant in Section 2(c) or 2(d) or in the Purchase Agreement
Aggregate Purchase Price. The purchase price set forth in the Subscription Agreement
Aggregate Purchase Price. The aggregate purchase price payable by Nanominerals to the Company in consideration for the purchase and sale of the Units, being $300,000 in the aggregate
Aggregate Purchase Price. The product of (i) the number of Subject Shares multiplied by (ii) the Per Share Purchase Price.
Aggregate Purchase Price. Shall mean $32,499,995.82.
Aggregate Purchase Price. Means, as to each Purchaser, the aggregate amount to be paid for the Shares and Warrants purchased hereunder, in United States dollars and in immediately available funds, as set forth opposite the name of such Purchaser under the headings "Aggregate Purchase Price" for each Closing on Exhibit A hereto (minus, if applicable, a Purchaser's aggregate exercise price of the Pre-Funded Warrants, which amounts shall be paid as and when such Pre-Funded Warrants are exercised).
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