Alternative Transaction Consideration

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Alternative Transaction Consideration. Means, with respect to the Shares subject to an Acquisition Transaction, the per share consideration that the Stockholder received, directly or indirectly, as a result of the consummation of such Acquisition Transaction, valuing any noncash consideration (including any residual interest in the Company or any successor of the Company whether represented by Class A Common Stock or any other securities) at its fair market value as of the date of such consummation. The fair market value of any... noncash consideration consisting of (A) securities listed on a national securities exchange shall be equal to the average of the closing price per share of such security as reported on such exchange for each of the five (5) trading days prior to the date of determination, provided that such securities are not subject by law or agreement to any transfer restrictions and such securities do not represent in the aggregate 10% or more of the outstanding securities of the same class of securities of which such securities are a part; and (B) consideration which is other than cash or securities of the type specified in subclause (A) above shall be the amount a reasonable, willing seller would pay a reasonable, willing buyer, taking into account the nature and terms of such property. In the event of a dispute as to the fair market value of such property, such disputed amounts shall be determined by a nationally recognized independent investment banking firm mutually agreed upon by Parent and the Stockholder, within ten (10) Business Days of the consummation of the Acquisition Transaction; provided, however, that if Parent and the Stockholder are unable to agree within two (2) Business Days after the date of such event as to the investment banking firm, then Parent, on the one hand, and the Stockholder, on the other hand, shall each select one firm, and those firms shall select a third investment banking firm, which third firm shall make a determination; provided further, that the fees and expenses of such investment banking firm(s) shall be borne by the Stockholder. The determination of the investment banking firm shall be binding upon the parties hereto. View More
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