Amendment Effective Date

Example Definitions of "Amendment Effective Date"
Amendment Effective Date. The date on which the First Amendment becomes effective
Amendment Effective Date. Shall become effective on and as of the date on which each of the following conditions precedent is satisfied (such date, the "Amendment Effective Date"):
Amendment Effective Date. Of the Plan, as amended and restated means June 1, 2022, immediately after the receipt of stockholder approval of the Plan.
Amendment Effective Date. The date on which the amendments to the Plan are approved by the Board and the Company stockholders.
Amendment Effective Date. Administrative Agent is hereby authorized and directed to declare this Amendment to be effective (and the "Amendment Effective Date" shall occur) when it has received documents confirming or certifying, to the satisfaction of Administrative Agent, compliance with the conditions set forth in this Section 3 or the waiver of such conditions as permitted in Section 13.1 of the Credit Agreement. Such declaration shall be final, conclusive and binding upon all parties to the Credit Agreement for all... purposes. View More
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