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Amendment of Definitions. The Agreement is hereby amended to provide that: 1.2.1 The term "GSK/SHIRE AGREEMENT" shall mean the SETTLEMENT AND EXCLUSIVE LICENSE AGREEMENT between LICENSOR and SMITHKLINE-BEECHAM CORP. d/b/a GLAXOSMITHKLINE, GLAXO GROUP LIMITED, GLAXOSMITHKLINE, Inc., SHIRE PHARMACEUTICALS GROUP PLC and SHIRE BIOCHEM, INC. dated May 31, 2002. 1.2.2 The term "Licensed Patents" (defined in Section 1.13 of the Agreement) shall mean all of the patents and patent applications included within "Licensed Patents,"... as defined in the Agreement before this Third Amendment, together with all of the patents and patent applications included within "Shire FTC-Only Patents" and the "Shire FTC-Plus Patents," as defined in Sections 1.15 and 1.16 respectively of the GSK/SHIRE AGREEMENT. 1.2.3 The term "Yale Agreement" (defined in Section 1.28 of the Agreement) shall mean the License Agreement between LICENSOR and Yale University dated as of May 26, 1993, as amended and restated effective May 6, 1999, true and correct copies of both the original and the amended and restated agreements having been provided by LICENSOR to COMPANY. View More
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