Amendment to Subsection (j) of Section 10.5

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Amendment to Subsection (j) of Section 10.5. Section 10.5(j) of the Existing Note Agreement is hereby amended and restated in its entirety as follows: "(j) Dispositions of property (real or personal), so long as (i) no Default then exists or would result therefrom, (ii) each such sale is in an arm's-length transaction and the applicable Credit Party receives at least fair market value (as determined in good faith by such Credit Party), (iii) the total consideration received by such Credit Party is paid at the time of the closing of such... sale in cash (and any Disposition Note permitted by Section 10.3(l)), and (iv) the Net Cash Proceeds therefrom are applied and/or reinvested as (and to the extent) required by Section 8.2; and" View More
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