Ancillary Documents

Example Definitions of "Ancillary Documents"
Ancillary Documents. Collectively, (1) the Seller Disclosure Schedule; (2) the Buyer Disclosure Schedule; (3) the Guaranty Agreement; (4) the Transition Services Agreement; (5) the Cross License and Transfer Agreement; (6) the certificate delivered by Seller pursuant to Section 4.1.1 below; (7) the certificate delivered by Buyer pursuant to Section 4.2.1 below; and (8) the Deed Restriction
Ancillary Documents. Means the Bill of Sale, the Assignment and Assumption Agreement, the IP Assignment, the Consulting Agreement, the Employment Agreements, the Lease Agreement, the Subordination Agreement, the Seller's Officer Certificate, the Parent's Officer Certificate, the Buyer's Officer Certificate, and each other agreement, document, instrument, or certificate contemplated by this Agreement or required to be executed or delivered by the Buyer or the Seller in connection with the consummation of the... transactions contemplated by this Agreement. View More
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