Ancillary Income

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Ancillary Income. All income derived from the Mortgage Loans (other than payments or other collections in respect of principal, interest, Escrow Payments and Prepayment Penalties attributable to the Mortgage Loans) including, but not limited to, assumption fees, reconveyance fees, subordination fees, speedpay fees, mortgage pay on the web fees, automatic clearing house fees, demand statement fees, modification fees, if any, fees received with respect to checks on bank drafts returned by the related bank for... insufficient funds, the Servicer's share of all late charges, and other similar types of fees arising from or in connection with any Mortgage Loan to the extent not otherwise payable to the Mortgagor under applicable law or pursuant to the terms of the related Mortgage Note. In no event shall the Servicer be entitled to any Prepayment Penalties. View More
Ancillary Income. Means all income derived from a Mortgage Loan (other than payments or collections in respect of principal, interest, escrow payments and prepayment penalties attributable to such Mortgage Loan) and to which the Seller, as the servicer of the Mortgage Loan, is entitled to in accordance with the Agency Guide.
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