Ancillary Rights

Example Definitions of "Ancillary Rights"
Ancillary Rights. Means (i) any and all rights to film, tape, photograph, capture, overhear, collect or record, and to simultaneously or thereafter reproduce, broadcast, transmit or distribute, by any means, process, medium or device, whether or not currently in existence, all images, sounds and electronic data generated during and in connection with the Events, and (ii) any and all copyrights and all other intellectual property and proprietary rights worldwide in and to such images, sounds and electronic data,... any recording, broadcast or transmission thereof, and any work derived therefrom, provided, however, that "Ancillary Rights" does not include "Live Broadcast Rights" or rights in or to NASCAR Intellectual Property or Third Party Marks, but shall include rights in or to a live transmission pursuant to a specialty subscription cable package or product of one or more Events (such as pay-per-view or the like). View More
Ancillary Rights. Means, with respect to any Coca-Cola Receivables, all contract rights arising from the sale of goods or the rendition of services which gave rise to such Coca-Cola Receivables; all other obligations for the payment of money arising therefrom; all collateral, insurance, supporting obligations, and guaranties therefor; the rights to goods and property represented thereby or associated therewith; all rights and remedies against Coca-Cola and/or third parties obligated thereon or goods associated... therewith; the books and records solely with respect thereto and the proceeds of any of the foregoing. View More
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