Anniversary Date

Example Definitions of "Anniversary Date"
Anniversary Date. The twelve-month anniversary of the date on which an Outside Director is first elected or appointed to any Board as an Outside Director. If an Outside Director who has previously received an award under this Plan has a Cessation of Service and is subsequently elected or appointed to a Board, the Anniversary Date for the Outside Director for service after the reelection or reappointment shall be the twelve-month anniversary of the date of the reelection or reappointment.
Anniversary Date. Means the annual anniversary of the Date of Grant.
Anniversary Date. Twelve months after the first day of the month in which possession of the Premises is delivered to Tenant.
Anniversary Date. The date which is one year from the Effective Date of this Plan as established hereunder
Anniversary Date. The first anniversary of the Effective Date, and the anniversary of the Effective Date of each successive year.
Anniversary Date. Each anniversary of the Date of Grant
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