Annualized TSR Percentage

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Annualized TSR Percentage. (1*(1 + Cumulative TSR))^(1/3) - 1
Annualized TSR Percentage. The compounded annual growth rate, expressed as a percentage (rounded down to the nearest tenth of a percent (0.1%)), in the value per Share during the Performance Period due to the appreciation in the price per Share and dividends paid during such period, assuming dividends are reinvested. Where "D" is the amount of dividends paid to a shareholder of record with respect to one Share during the Performance Period and N is the number of 12 month periods that have elapsed between the first day of... the Performance Period and the last day of the Performance Period (which may not be a full integer if computed in connection with a Sale Event or a termination of employment under Section 5(ii)) the Annualized TSR Percentage is calculated as follows: View More
Annualized TSR Percentage. The annualized equivalent of the TSR Percentage.
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