Example Definitions of "Apollo"
Apollo. Apollo Management, Apollo Management, L.P. and any of their Affiliates and any shares of Common Stock over which Apollo Management, Apollo Management, L.P., any of their Affiliates have voting or dispositive power (it being acknowledged that the term "Affiliates" does not include George M. Sherman, any director employed by George M. Sherman, any of his Affiliates or any director employed by the Company)
Apollo. Means AP Carib Holdings, Ltd., an exempted company organized under the laws of the Cayman Islands
Apollo. Apollo Management VI, L.P. and its Affiliates or any entity controlled thereby or any of the partners thereof.
Apollo. Means, collectively, Apollo Investment Corporation, Apollo Special Opportunities Managed Account, L.P., Apollo Centre Street Partnership, L.P. and ANS U.S. Holdings Ltd.
Apollo. Apollo Global Management, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company, and those of its Affiliates who are Holders
Apollo. Means Apollo LP and each of its Affiliates that own shares of Common Stock or Preferred Stock, which Affiliates shall include GNC LLC only (i) if Apollo Management V, L.P. or one of its Affiliates is the manager of GNC LLC and (ii) prior to the occurrence of the events described in Section 10.3 hereof.
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