Applicable Legislation

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Applicable Legislation. The Securities Legislation Applicable to the Corporation (as defined on page 3) and all legislation incorporated in the definition of this term in other parts of the Subscription Agreement, together with the regulations and rules made and promulgated under that legislation and all administrative policy statements, blanket orders and rulings, notices and other administrative directions issued by the Commissions
Applicable Legislation. Is the legislation applicable to the Executive's employment at the applicable time. The Applicable Legislation at the start of the Executive's employment is the legislation of the Province of Ontario, and the legislation of Canada applicable therein, including but not limited to the Employment Standards Act, 2000, the Human Rights Code, the Workplace Safety & Insurance Act, 1997, the Occupational Health & Safety Act, and the Income Tax Act. However, the parties acknowledge and agree that the... provincial and federal governments may amend, repeal or replace such legislation from time to time, or the Executive's jurisdiction of employment with the Company may change to another Province. As such, the parties agree that the Applicable Legislation shall be whatever legislation applies to the Executive's employment in the applicable jurisdiction, and the relevant time. View More
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