Approval Date

Example Definitions of "Approval Date"
Approval Date. The date on which the Common Stock becomes publicly traded pursuant to an initial public offering
Approval Date. The date on which the stockholders of the Company approve the Plan pursuant to Section 19
Approval Date. Means the date of issuance of a document by the Examination and Approval Authority approving this Contract, the Articles of Association and the Feasibility Study Report, and without making any substantive amendments thereto.
Approval Date. Means the applicable date upon which the applicable WGC Party set forth in the applicable Schedule has received all legal and regulatory approvals required to Launch the applicable Permitted Licensee Product in a particular geographic location within the applicable Licensed Territory.
Approval Date. With respect to any Batch, the date on which such Batch is approved for release by CIPAN's quality assurance group in accordance with the Quality Agreement
Approval Date. The date upon which the FDA (as defined below) permits the initial sale of Product (as defined below) for use as a human therapeutic pursuant to FDA's approval of an NDA filed by Arius with respect to the Product
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