Approved AGCE Contract

Example Definitions of "Approved AGCE Contract"
Approved AGCE Contract. A binding contract among Borrower and a counterparty, which (a) prior to the Borrower's acquisition of the applicable frac fleet, is reasonably expected to generate AGCE EBITDA in an amount not less than (i) $18,000,000 in the aggregate over the duration of such contract and (ii) $1,000,000 in each calendar month during the tenor thereof and (b) contains customary termination provisions that protect the Borrower, in case of cancellation. For purposes of this definition, "AGCE EBITDA" means the... amount equal to expected revenues (based on contracted rates set forth in the applicable Approved AGCE Contract) less expected direct costs (based upon average historical costs demonstrated by electric frac fleets operated by the Borrower and its subsidiaries). View More
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