Approved Sale

Example Definitions of "Approved Sale"
Approved Sale. Means a sale of Registrable Shares by GBH pursuant to a Block Trade, an Underwritten Shelf Takedown, a Company Piggyback Offering or an Other Holder Piggyback Offering.
Approved Sale. A sale, transfer or conveyance of a Release Parcel pursuant to the terms of Section 6.26 of the Deed of Trust
Approved Sale. Means a sale of the Company approved by the Parent Investors or the Permira Investor and the Warburg Investor, as applicable; where "sale of the Company" means any transaction or series of transactions pursuant to which any Person or group of related Persons (other than Parent Investor Affiliates, Permira Investor Affiliates, Warburg Investor Affiliates or any portfolio company thereof) in the aggregate acquire(s) either: (i) a majority of the Common Stock (or successor Company Equity... Securities thereto) then outstanding or (ii) all or substantially all of the Company's assets determined on a consolidated basis; provided that a public offering shall not constitute a Sale of the Company. View More
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