Example Definitions of "Appurtenances"
Appurtenances. All appurtenances, hereditaments, easements and other rights and privileges in any way pertaining or beneficial to the Land or the Improvements.
Appurtenances. All tenements, hereditaments, easements, rights-of-way, rights, privileges in and to the Land, including (a) easements over other lands granted by any Easement Agreement and (b) any streets, ways, alleys, vaults, gores or strips of land adjoining the Land
Appurtenances. Means all easements, rights-of-way or use, rights, strips and gores of land, streets, ways, alleys, passages, public places, vaults, sewer rights, timber, timber rights, minerals, mineral rights, water, water courses, water rights and powers, parking areas, conservation areas, parks, air rights and development rights, and all estates, rights, titles, interests, privileges, liberties, servitudes, tenements, hereditaments and appurtenances of any nature whatsoever, in any way now or hereafter... belonging, relating or pertaining to the Brazil Lands and the Improvements. View More
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