Asbestos Claim

Example Definitions of "Asbestos Claim"
Asbestos Claim. Any non-workers compensation Claim alleging personal injury, bodily injury, mental injury, mental anguish, shock, sickness, disease, disability, or death or the fear or apprehension thereof, property damage, loss of use, financial loss, loss of consortium, or seeking compensation for the cost of medical monitoring or screening, or seeking relief of any kind for any other injury, damage or condition of any kind or sort whatsoever, arising out of, caused by or related to, in whole or in part,... directly or indirectly, the manufacture, sale, handling, distribution, installation, repair, removal, exposure to or use of asbestos or asbestos-containing products or material, or any conduct that results or is alleged to result in the exposure to asbestos or asbestos-containing material, alone or in combination with any other dust, mineral, fiber, substance or material, including without limitation any Claim arising out of actual, threatened or alleged exposure to asbestos (alone or in combination with any other dust, mineral, fiber, substance or material), any Claim seeking the removal, repair, abatement or replacement of asbestos or asbestos-containing material, any Claim arising out of the alleged failure to produce an asbestos-free product, and any Claim based on or arising out of any theory of liability or basis of recovery based upon, growing out of or related to asbestos or any asbestos-containing product, whether the injury associated with such Claim falls within or outside of the definitions of Products Hazard or Completed Operations Hazard, or their equivalents, contained in the Policies. View More
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