Example Definitions of "Assert"
Assert. Means, with respect to any Patent Right, the (i) filing of a Claim of direct or indirect infringement (including inducement of infringement or contributory infringement) under such Patent Right against a subject Person or (ii) the filing of a Claim for declaratory judgment that any Patent Right is invalid, unenforceable, not infringed or has been misused, in any court or before any tribunal with authority to adjudicate patent disputes, or (iii) any threat related to the filing of a Claim,... including any demand letter or offer to license or engage in a licensing discussion. The term "Assertion" shall have a correlative meaning. View More
Assert. To commence or prosecute patent infringement Litigation, or to make an express, specific written threat (such as, without limitation, a cease and desist demand letter) to commence or prosecute patent infringement Litigation.
Assert. Bringing, commencing, filing, prosecuting, or otherwise instituting, or funding, encouraging or assisting any third party in bringing, commencing, filing, prosecuting, or otherwise instituting, any patent infringement claim, petition for declaratory judgment of non-infringement of any patent, or other proceeding alleging infringement or non-infringement, invalidity, or unenforceability of any patent before any legal, judicial, arbitral, administrative, executive, or other body or tribunal,... anywhere in the world, that has or claims to have authority to adjudicate such claim, including without limitation any court or arbitral body, the U.S. International Trade Commission, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, the Chinese Patent Office, the Taiwan Patent Office, and the European Patent Office View More
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