Assessed Amount

Example Definitions of "Assessed Amount"
Assessed Amount. The amount that the Company would receive in an all-cash sale of either (i) all issued and outstanding equity in the Company (the value of which to be calculated as if a sale of all assets and businesses as a going concern) or (ii) all of its assets and businesses as a going concern (in either case free and clear of all liens and after payment of indebtedness for borrowed money) in an arms-length transaction with an unaffiliated third party consummated on the day immediately preceding the date... on which the event occurred which necessitated the determination of Assessed Amount (assuming that all of the proceeds from such sale were paid directly to the Company, or its stockholders, other than an amount of such proceeds necessary to pay transfer taxes payable in connection with such sale, which amount will not be received or deemed received by the Company, or its stockholders) View More
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