Asset Coverage Ratio

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Asset Coverage Ratio. Deleted.
Asset Coverage Ratio. With respect to Borrower and the other Loan Parties on a consolidated basis for any period, the ratio of (a) the sum of (i) the net book value of accounts receivable less than 90 days past due, plus (ii) 70% of the net book value of tractors and trailers not subject to any Lien (other than Liens in favor of the Agent), to (b) Total Outstandings
Asset Coverage Ratio. As of any date of determination, the ratio of its aggregate Net Investment Balance to its Total Outstandings.
Asset Coverage Ratio. The ratio of the terms used to calculate the ratio set forth in Section 10.8 of the Note Purchase Agreement, as such terms and such other terms used or referred to in Section 10.8 are defined and calculated in accordance with Section 10.8.
Asset Coverage Ratio. Means the ratio of fair market value of all assets of Borrower to the sum of all obligations for borrowed money (including Subordinated Debt) plus all capital lease obligations, in each case calculated in accordance with G.A.A.P.
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