Example Definitions of "Assignee"
Assignee. See preamble.
Assignee. Means the assignee, mortgagee, subtenant or other transferee under an Assignment.
Assignee. OLGC, its successors and assigns
Assignee. The person who receives the assignment of the Loan Receivables in accordance with Clause 29.1.
Assignee. The meaning set forth in Paragraph 19
Assignee. Means the endorsee, assignee or acquirer of any CCB.
Assignee. Means a Transferee of Units who does not become a Member.
Assignee. A Third Party to whom the Company by any means transfers Intellectual Property Rights (however, not including by way of the grant of a license in Intellectual Property Rights).
Assignee. Meanings corresponding to the foregoing
Assignee. Means any assignee or transferee of all or any of Lessor's right, title and interest in any Lease or any Equipment
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