Assignment and Acceptance

Example Definitions of "Assignment and Acceptance"
Assignment and Acceptance. Means a master assignment and acceptance agreement entered into by each Consenting Term Lender, as an assignor, and the Borrower, as assignee, substantially in the form of Exhibit H to the Credit Agreement (it being understood that an Assignment and Acceptance shall be entered into in respect of each of the First Open Market Purchases and the Second Open Market Purchases).
Assignment and Acceptance. An assignment and acceptance entered into by a Class A-R Noteholder and any assignee of such Class A-R Noteholder, and delivered to the Revolving Credit Note Agent on behalf of the Issuer, in substantially the form of Exhibit B, pursuant to which a Class A-R Noteholder assigns all, but not less than all, of its rights and obligations under this Agreement with respect to the portion of such Class A-R Noteholder's Class A-R Notes being assigned in accordance with the terms of Section 4.1.
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