Authoritative Electronic Copy

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Authoritative Electronic Copy. With respect to any Contract stored in an electronic medium, the single electronic "authoritative copy" (within the meaning of Section 9-105 of the UCC) of such Contract (i) that constitutes the single authoritative copy of the record or records comprising the related chattel paper which is unique, identifiable and, except as otherwise provided in clauses (iv), (v) and (vi) below, unalterable, (ii) that identifies Credit Acceptance as the sole assignee thereof, (iii) is communicated to and... maintained by Credit Acceptance, (iv) copies or revisions to which that add or change an identified assignee thereof can only be made with the participation of Credit Acceptance, (v) for which any copy thereof is readily identifiable as a copy that is not the authoritative copy and (vi) for which any revision of the authoritative copy is readily identifiable as an authorized or unauthorized revision. View More
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