Available Borrowing Capacity

Example Definitions of "Available Borrowing Capacity"
Available Borrowing Capacity. Shall mean, with respect to any Person, on any date of determination, the total unrestricted borrowing capacity which may be drawn (taking into account required reserves and discounts) upon by such Person or its Subsidiaries, at such Person's or its Subsidiaries' sole discretion, under committed credit facilities or repurchase agreements which provide financing to such Person or its Subsidiaries.
Available Borrowing Capacity. With respect to any Person, committed, available and unused borrowing capacity which may be drawn upon by such Person on credit facilities (including a subscription line). Borrowing capacity shall not be deemed part of the Available Borrowing Capacity if any event or circumstance has occurred which would prevent such Person from drawing on the borrowing capacity or cause the related lender to have no obligation to make funds available.
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