Available Cash Flow

Example Definitions of "Available Cash Flow"
Available Cash Flow. Shall mean, as of any date in question, the net income of the Borrower after payment of all (i) scheduled payments of the principal amount of and accrued interest on all Senior Indebtedness, (ii) scheduled management fees payable to Pali-Holloway Management LLC (not to exceed 4% of revenues from operation of the Pali-Holloway Residence, (iii) all scheduled capital expenditures set forth in a budget approved by the holder of Senior Indebtedness and the Holder of this Note, (iv) all scheduled... taxes payable by the Borrower or the Pali-Holloway Residence; and (v) all other amounts required to pay accounts payable and other accrued expenses of the Borrower incurred in the ordinary course of business; provided, that such Available Cash Flow shall be permitted to be paid to the Holder of this Note pursuant to the Subordination Agreement. View More
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